Why We Created Loop18 Labs

For 20 years, the people at Loop18 Labs have worked with hundreds of companies, helping to design and build world-class digital experiences.

Having done this for some of the largest companies in the world, across industries like fintech, consumer entertainment, healthcare, enterprise management and more, we decided it’s time to focus our efforts on a common passion.


We believe in golf. We believe golf is the greatest game in the world. No other game combines tradition, discipline, and respect in as compelling a package as the game of golf. Truly, it’s the world’s perfect game.

But, the game is in trouble.

Dwindling club memberships, frustration over rules, and an increasingly disengaged younger audience threaten the game that we love so much.

While we know that the challenges that golf faces are multifaceted, we also believe strongly in the power of design and technology to help craft experiences that people across the spectrum crave.

Throughout our careers, the team members at Loop18 Labs have seen the power of using technology and design to engage people and create meaning.

We’ve seen how user research can create empathy and change how organizations think of their customers, creating areas ripe for innovation.

We’ve seen how content strategy can help shape a narrative and experience that engages audiences and deepens their relationship with a brand.

We’ve seen how excellent user experience design can shape experiences and drive loyalty and advocacy for a product or brand.

We believe in the power of these tools to create compelling and engaging brand experiences that grow the game of golf and the brands that power it.

The time for golf is now. Together, we can create new opportunities to grow the game, make it more inclusive, more approachable, and more relevant than ever.

We’re on a mission to partner with the brands in golf that care most deeply about the game, and help them use the power of design and technology to ensure golf maintains its legacy as the greatest game that’s ever been played.

We hope you’ll join us.

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